About Us

The Utah Consulting Team

“Failure is not an option” for small and medium sized businesses

Our Dream —

Our dream is to help family own businesses be successful, and at the same time provide them resources to cope with the stresses that entrepreneurialism brings.

Our Why

Our teams desires is to provide our clients dynamic educational opportunities, and products that create highly needed skill-sets.  We have found that by providing the right tools this can be achieved .  By accomplishing these things we improve the families, community and our countries success.

The Hard Facts:
1.) 50% of all businesses fail in the first year.
2.) Family owned businesses comprise about 90 percent of all businesses in the United States.
3.) Out of that 90 % only 30% will last into the next family generation.
4. )And of that 30% only 12% will survive in the third generation and finally only 3% will survive in the forth generation.

Our How

How do we accomplish these goals?  Our educational opportunities are bases the following:

  • One-on-one consulting and mentoring.
  • Area conferences
  • Online educational training modules
  • Video and Audio group mentoring calls.

We have found through our discover process we have discovered that creating stabilization in a business is paramount to its success.

Every aspect of the business is reviewed and a workable plan is created.

Our What

We are focus is on providing the best quality business consulting, that builds business and create success.


Eric Werny founded Utah Consulting, LLC  in the fall of 2008, to address the culture that is causing a growing number of failures of family owned businesses which is taxing the very fabric of the American family.

Business leaders are taking their advice from an ancient set of rules-books that have been beaten and scarred for years.  A new rule-book needs to be written, to face the new economies, technologies, and influences that families were not exposed to in the past. 

The dream is to influence and mentor family owned businesses to succeed, which builds better individuals, families, communities, and hopefully a better world.

 We believe that every entrepreneur has the ability to be truly successful if given the right tools.

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