Get Funding For Your Business:

When looking for financing timing is critical to remain competitive sometimes funding is necessary when you need to increase your marketing, purchase inventory, buy equipment, remodel or expand, hire new employees or refinancing debt.

 A bank or credit union loan have strict requirement and restrictions, with pages and pages of paperwork that may cause you to miss and opportunity for your businesses growth.

Are you in the need additional capital to fund a large customer order?

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OnDeck provides business financial at competitive rates with just a few standards:

1. You must be in business for a year or more.
2. Your gross an annual revenue is $ 100,000 or greater.
3. Your credit score is 500 or better.
4. Make sure you understand your loan interest rate when speaking to your loan adviser

You decide how you are going to use your  funds, such as marketing,  purchasing inventory, buying equipment, remodeling/expansion, hiring new employees or refinancing debt.