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Testimonial – Carmen Turner – Increase My Base

A Word to the Wise:
Utah Consulting has been my technical lifeline. Even though I have worked with technology for the better part of twenty years, it has been a thorn in my side. We have not been the best of friends. Eric Werny has bridged that torrential river in a manner befitting his expertise. His patience is legendary as is his knowledge. He has never even come close to exasperation at my lack of understanding of technology and the remedies he’s presented. What’s more, his ability to explain solutions in layman’s terms is amazing. I understand things as he has walked me through the irritating tangle of technology.
In addition, his business acumen is spot-on. He has guided me in building my business that I have avoided pitfalls that could have easily beset me. I consider the success I’ve had in business growth a direct result of his creative and competent advice.
You would do well to have him on your side.

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