Today I had lunch with a new friend. He is a financial planner by trade(I know, I know, I tuned out for the first few minutes I met him too, but please bear with me.) The problem with the financial industry, as well as many others, is that well it a very cut throat business you need to undermine and kick and bite and scratch your way to the top. I need to steal from one of my competitors to get ahead.

Or at least that is the general consensus, after meeting “Chris” I found out that there are people out there that really have other people’s best interests at heart. I asked him about his story and how he got where he was in life; it was a very worthwhile endeavor with many twists and turns. He has earned and lost a couple of fortunes. But I found that he was successful because he went against everything that the financial industry says, in fact he was let go from a couple of companies because he had a better idea that the company did not want to pursue.

“Chris” is different from many financial planners out there in one key aspect, has an abundance mentality. I have heard the term “abundance mentality” many times over the past few years but what does this mean?

Too many people look at the world as pie that has a finite amount of filling. When I was speaking with my new friend I loved the way he looked at the world as an infinite amount of pie. Many of us (myself included) are like crabs in a box, we are so afraid of someone else getting ahead that it would mean that I must therefore lose. We also call this a “King of the Hill” mentality, I get to the top by pushing others down. If you are unsure what I am talking about click here or here.

I work closely with many individuals that live in poverty. According to Ruby Payne and Philip DeVol in their book Bridges out of Poverty, not wanting to see other people succeed is very rampant in a poverty mentality. It means that somehow you are going to leave me behind and I cannot handle the thought that you will leave me.

This statement is nowhere close to true. I refer back to a story I read to my children. It is about a polar bear that feels like his mommy’s love is limited and that when she has another cub that some of his

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