What impact does the Internet have on the economy in the U.S.?

Currently the Internet is generating over 100 billion dollars per year in revenue.  With the reasonable cost of integration, brick and mortar businesses are able to successfully pursue an online presence and generate additional revenue.
Start-up businesses and established small businesses have a greater survival rate in the first two years because of lower overhead costs, and agility to stay competitive. They are able to bring a higher inventory selection and provide a wider offering in services to their customer.
Branding is always a major concern for any business owner.  They want recognition as the go-to-place for their customers.  With the addition of Social Media and the Web, a longer reach and relationship is established.  Social Media allows a higher level of continuous contact, and better relationship with customers and stronger loyalty.
Customers have a strong desire not to be tied down to a desktop PC. Mobile phone, tablets and slimmer laptops have moved the customer to a very high end presence.
Major retailers are moving more quickly to their online presence to compete.  They ares closing non-profitable stores with the idea that online sales will shore up lost revenue streams from these closed stores.  If the retailers are able to eliminate the high cost of real estate, and employees, and centralize their inventories, this allows them to stay relevant in the eyes of the customers and entire business sustainability.
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