Lennart Erickson

Lennart Erickson MBA, CBA, A.P.B.A.- Senior Consultant

Working to help local entrepreneurs grow their businesses in all phases from financial, marketing, strategic planning, loan packages, feasibility studies and social media.

Spent 50 years in Corporate America: 5 years as SEC accountant; 10 years as corporate officer in Steel and Mining Industries; 10 years as Vice President and Managing Director International industrial Sand Company in U.S. U.K., Middle East, and Russia; 5 years Owner of Salt Lake Great Dane, over the road trailer dealership; 10 Years CFO medium size trucking company; 10 years as Director of Small Business Development Center At Dixie State University. I love helping people in all areas of business. With my current experience and my continued drive to help and guide those around me I want to continue to work for many years to come. I have many skills to help entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs with their business or their business idea.

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