What are some of the common pain points of your business?

We all have them — business pains — and they come in all shapes and sizes.  There are some basic things that cause the pain.  A lot of it has to do with poor planning, being in denial that a plan will work when it will not. We can blame the economy for our business downturns, and many times it is happening internally, because we are unwilling to make some really tough choices.

In my experiences in the past, I had to make hard choices when it was time to move on. The business model (plan) wasn’t working.  I had to make major changes and think differently; it was difficult.  Much of it had to do with how I approached problems. I, at times, took things too personally, and had to learn how to let go.

Common pain points

Not understanding your WHY

When you go to your place of business every day and sit in the seat as the owner, do you understand the roles you are playing. Many business owners get confused, forgetting that their focus is to provide for their families, and at the same time help their employees provide for their families too. The overall moral of the business will make or break its success. It is vitally important that you understand exactly what each of your roles are as you manage your company. Your customers come last in the big picture. If the needs of your employees are met first, then they can concentrate on providing the level of exceptional customer service your company is known for.

Partner and Managers are not on the same page.

Depending on the legal structure of your company, and who has taken on certain leadership roles, you can have what is called the “Founder Dilemma”, which can create unbearable conflicts within a company.

Balance is the key when operating in the environment of a partnership. Each partner brings their individual talents to the table. For the business to be successful constant collaboration needs to be in place. Pride, ego and greed cannot enter into the playing field, or a serious imbalance and the entire equation for success fails and feelings run raw.

Poor lead generation techniques.

The company mission and meaning is not instilled in the sales force, as a matter of fact, not into the minds of all the employees.  Their focus in not on the mission.

Missed opportunities (1) due to lack of a viable CRM software system, to identify where your prospects are in the pipeline.

Missed opportunities (2) due to relationship arrogance. Thinking the prospect has no need for your level of products. Don’t be fooled everyone counts.

If feel you and your sales staff are warriors then you are approaching networking meetings totally wrong – Don’t push for the sale no matter what, and burn your bridges at the same time, build long lasting relationships.

Relying totally on advertiser to develop and design your message. Hire a professional writer to assist you.  Phone book, radio station sales reps are all driven by landing the commission only.

Poor funding due to poor cash flow and poor accounting practices.

Not truly understanding what products and services you actually sell.

Overly optimistic – You’re being totally unrealistic in your expectation, goals and outcomes.

Conclusion:  All of this is repairable if your willing to focus on Why you are involved with this company.  Get thing in the proper order.  That being your Why, How and What you do.

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