Prevent Your Developer From Hijacking Your Website

Before you decide to have your web site built, rebuilt or upgraded, take a moment to read this article.

Part one in a series called: Web Site 101- Insuring your web site doesn’t get hijacked during development or upgrade.

The following will take you through the steps of evaluating your position before you move forward.

Step 1 – Choosing your business name: There are two things you have to take into consideration when choosing your business name is:

A. Is that the Internet domain name is available and they coincides with your business name and brand. You must keep in mind that the Internet is international, and you may find it very difficult to find the right combination. But it is not impossible. Keeping the enthusiasm under control is important, don’t rush things.

B. See if your desired name is trademark or service marked.

(Trademark / Service mark Search) (Trademark Search – provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

(Copyright Search – provided by Google)

C. Once you have done the preliminary search it is advisable to contact your attorney to make sure ‘all’ things are properly completed. There are many of you who need to go back and re-evaluate these actions to ensure your company is protected against future lawsuits.

Now let’s break this down just a little more:

  • Trademark is related to your business name, and associated logo’s and images.
  • Service mark is related with services your company provides, like that of a plumber.
  • Copyright is related to the written word within your web site, and other related company documents.

Before you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for your new website or upgrade, take the time to thoughtfully plan the results. Always ask the question, what results are we expecting.

It’s becoming pretty common with new and seasoned developers to make the statement – leave everything to us, we’ll create an amazing website, with lot of lead generation and place you number one on Google. It just doesn’t happen that way.

In our next article we will continue discussing the website building process, and what to watch out for.

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